Catholic Preists - Pedophiles Targeting innocent Children

God's Concern For Little Ones Is Vast (Matt. 18:1-14). Woe Upon Those Who Offend Them (Matt. 18:6).



By Synthia Esther

March 26, 2010

Predatory Priests?  Yes, once again, we hear  news of the global sexual scandals of Pedophile Priests making the news,  with Pope Benedict XVT's giving his sincere apology.   Sad to say, this  is nothing new within the Roman Catholic Church (reference Catholic Sex  Crimes page on this website, please note: it takes a long time to down  load).   We as Christians are taught to forgive, however, that does not  mean we allow such sin to go unrecognized and unpunished.  We have to  protect the children, alerting police,  to bring to light consequences  that fit pedophilia crime.   

The New York Times (March 25, 2010), posted an  editorial which outlined the pedopilia sexual abuse and  addiction problem, "The pope's apology fell short not only for Catholics  in Ireland, but for those in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands,  where hundreds of new allegations are emerging to be investigated by a  Vatican office that has but 10 workers to do the job."  

The Times editorial continued to inform the  reader of  Pope Benedict's promise of a special Vatican inquiry into the  Irish sex scandal.   However, as addressed, "it came across as too  little, too late, considering it took two scathing investigations by the  Irish government to prod the Vatican into action.  One of these found  the church officials were able to convince Dublin police to join in  their cover-up.  German Catholics are questioning Benedict's role nearly  30 years ago when, as archbishop of Munich, he allowed the transfer of a  priest molester.  That priest had managed to remain at work until last  week when he was suspended as the scandal grew with news media  scrutiny.  There are also questions about Benedict's directive as a  Vatican cardinal in 2001 that bishops worldwide were to keep pedophilia  investigations secret under threat of ex-communication."


Pedophilia is a sick crime, which does not go  away when you turn your attention from forgiveness to recovery.   As  noted by most sexual addiction experts, it is an addiction that remains  deeply implanted within the human psyche.  The pedophilia scandal in the  United States involved more than 700 priests who were dismissed within a  three-year period.  The Catholic church cover-up of the crime of child  sexual abuse,  reaks of self motivated interests, while young, innocent  children are left in the wake of turmoil, shock, pain, and confusion.    

Laurie Goodstien reported in The Times how the  pope as a cardinal, was personally warned about a priest who had given  in to his sick, perverted sexual lust for child flesh, molesting as many  as "200" deaf boys.  Church leaders tried to once again cover-up such  crimes, protecting the good of the church, instead of the scared souls  of God's children.   

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Sexual Abuse, Pedophilia Crimes, Mount In Catholic Dioceses World-Wide

By Synthia Esther

Sept. 13, 2018

When Pope Francis was ordained the New Pope, the public was pleased.   He had called for "decisive actions' when elected in 2013.  Sad to say, many , if not most, are disappointed in his lack of action in holding sexual abusing bishops accountable for their crimes According to news reports back in August 2018, he wrote to all Roman Catholics condemning sex abuse by clergy.  He demand the cover-ups to end.  

Pope Benedict, was accused likewise, of failing to protect children and suppressing legal investigations (such allegations he denied).   Prior to him, Pope John Paul II, Cardinal Bernard Law, the disgraced figure at the center of the  Boston sex scandal, was given a symbolic role in Rome, close to the Vatican and allowed to maintain his 

rank, no matter how many voices desiring justice be served, were heard. 

The public is outraged by the lack of action the Catholic church has taken.  Catholics defend the unborn as a measure of God's love in doing so.  However, the Catholic church looks the other way in defending the living in their midst that have been sexual abused by those they trusted to protect and serve God and all humanity.

This is gross injustice to be sure.  The only question remains is why?  Has the Catholic church lost their way in accordance with God's word to protect the little ones from abuse and harm? -  (Matthew 18;10: Mark 9:42).  Does God not instruct us to recognize that children are a heritage from the Lord? - (Psalm 127:3).  

When the church does not fulfill God's mission on earth, the church is dead according to the Holy Bible (Rev. 3:1).  God help us wake-up to the political power plays taking place in many of our "religious"  churches.  May spiritual eyes be open, and justice in accordance with your word, will, and ways, be made once again,  firm and true.

Pray for the church and leadership.  That God's word, will, & ways, remain strong, steadfast, & true

Pray for the church and leadership.  That God's word, will, & ways, remain strong, steadfast, & true