New Birth Church Former Pastor Eddie Long - Sex Allegations

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By Synthia Esther

Sunday, September 26, 2010, Update Sept. 23,2018. 

Bishop Eddie Long (May 12, 1953 - Jan. 15, 2017), former pastor of mega church "New Birth" in Dekalb County, Ga., was accused of homosexual affairs with young men in the church.  He took leave from "New Birth" church,  due to family issues.  According to a Fox News Atlanta Report, December  4, 2011, Vanessa, his wife, filed for divorce on Thursday, December  1st. 2011.  However, she withdrew the divorce petition soon afterwards (Wikipedia - Retrieved Sept. 23, 2018).

Four young men filed a sexual  misconduct civil lawsuit against mega-church pastor, Bishop Eddie Long,  followed by a fifth man who was not named as a Plaintiff in the case.   Standing before a congregation on Sunday morning, September 26, 2010,  Bishop Eddie Long, addressed a large congregation at New Birth  Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia, giving notice that he  will fight the lawsuit.  Yet, Bishop Long never denied the allegations  posed against his character and integrity as a pastor, leader, spiritual  advisor, and teacher.

Bishop Eddie Long speaks with an educated, charismatic  flair, that ignites the fuel of fire in many who heed his words.  The  congregation listened intently to hear Bishop Long's  statement concerning the civil suit, in which he commented, "I've never portrayed myself as a perfect man."   News Reports of some in attendance, left disappointed, as they never heard a rebuttal of firm resolve from the Bishop.  

 Anti-Gay activist Bishop Eddie Long is married to  Vanessa Griffin Long, who stood by her man during the Sunday Morning address concerning the lawsuit.  The age of consent of the young men is  not at issue, as they are reported to have been over the age of 16 when  the sexual misconduct by the Bishop took place. 


The legal suit claims that Bishop Long gave the men  gifts, jewelry, and a car.  And during trips, they often shared rooms.   Gerald Rivera, Fox News, Sunday, September 26, gave a rather  detailed report concerning the allegations against Bishop Eddie long,   stating in firm resolve, "He robbed from the church to pay these  boys!"  Rivera called Bishop Long "a holy hypocrite!"  


Eddie Long died at the age of 63, of a reported "aggressive form of cancer."  He was given a very elaborate funeral, at New Birth church on Jan. 25, 2017.  

Seduction - grooming of sexual conquests by Gay men, often begins with simple gestures of kindness.

Seduction - grooming of sexual conquests by Gay men, often begins with simple gestures of kindness.