The Franklin Sexual Abuse - Cover Up Case By Synthia Esther

The Franklin Prostitution Ring began to hit head lines in June 1988, in Omaha, Nebraska :

By Synthia Esther

Sept. 15, 2018

The Franklin Sexual Abuse Cover-up Case  continues to attract attention, despite legal proceedings, State and Federal, that claimed it was a "carefully crafted hoax".   Truth is oftentimes stranger than fiction, and lingering doubts mount on concerning the Franklin Coverup - Boys Town, Sexual abuse claims.  

Allegations claimed that high profile individuals, and politicians were involved within a child sex ring.  Whereby foster children were flown in, to the East Coast of the United States, who were used, sexually abused, and otherwise tortured.  Claims also focused on one, Lawrence E. King Jr, , of the now defunct Franklin Community Federal credit union in Omaha Nebraska.   Devil worship, child sacrifice, mutilation, cannibalism, cult members were also noted in legal complaints.

Conspiracy theories have continued to evolve, which link CIA arms dealing and drug trafficking, to also be included in the Franklin cover-up case.  Fired employees at Boys Town, were also said to have spread the sexual abuse,  "bad parties" rumors and innuendos.   In referencing the outcome of this case, one alleged victim, was 21 year old, Alisha Owen, who was indicted with 8 counts of perjury, spending 4 1/2 years in prison.  Some writers conclude this sentence is a warning to others who might decide to come forward and report such crimes.  Additionally, Lawrence King, and multiple officers involved with the Franklin Credit union, were also charged,  separately, and likewise indicted by the federal grand jury, for embezzlement of funds (Source: wikipedia - retrieved Sept. 15, 2018).

About a decade latter, a civil suit case was filed related to the Franklin cover-up, by the child victim, who is now much older,  Paul Bonacci.  The District court's affirmative decision in this case, Feb. 22, 1999, confirmed the plaintiff Bonacci, "has suffered much..." in relation to the sexual ritual - torture, emotional abuse, and physical harm he had to endure.   Bonacci, was awarded by the court one million dollars in damages, and continues to suffer much!  Bonacci lives in a state of fear and emotional distress, has multiple personality disorder, with 14 sub - distinct personalities, aside from his own (Retrieved Sept. 23, 2018, Whale - David McGowan author, "The Pedophocracy").  

This case further confirms the obvious fact, there are criminal networks who feed and fuel the vast money market behind these sexual trafficking, pedophile crimes.  One question remains that is in direct relationship to the Bonacci case.  That concerns yet another child victim, Wes Des Moines, Iowa, paper boy, Johnny Gosch, who went missing at the age of 12, on Sept. 5, 1982. - (Wikipedia, Retrieved Sept. 23, 2018).  What happened to Johnny Gosch?


The Franklin cover-up story is a sad reality of the 1980's and 1990's Satanic panic era.  However, this one thing is certain.  There is a world of very sick, evil masochistic, men and women, who do participate in the many sexual abuse, torture, and child trafficking crimes that occur globally.  One such evil, notorious sexual psychopath - human trafficking 2004 case was that of Marc Dutroux, and wife Michelle Martin, from Belgian.  Dutroux kidnapped, tortured,drugged, and murdered young girls ranging from the age 8 to 19, in his self created, custom built, basement dungeon.  He video taped some of his snuff kill crimes.  Investigative officials and police bungled the case, many say on purpose.  

Links between organized crime were made, according to a report in Time's Magazine. Marc Verwilghen, the chief investigator magistrate on the case is confirmed as stating, "For me, the Dutroux affair is a question of organized crime."  The Time article also told of the secret use of underground tunnels, much like the children described a decade earlier, in the Martin pre-school case (Retrieved Sept. 23, 2018, Whale - David McGowan author, "The Pedophocracy"). 



One should never dismiss such horrific claims as in the Dutroux and McMartin preschool case, but report and weigh evidence, so that truth can prevail, and innocent victims are always protected.  For indeed there are ritualistic cults in our midst that enjoy torture, and the kill.  Sexual trafficking and kiddie porn, being highly sought after, and highly paid for, by such sadistic criminals.  Such crimes feed on the innocent, and are fueled on by the naive that seek to shut a blinds eye to these very real dark, criminal facts.  Russ Dizdar writes about such hidden crimes, and their super soldier workers, as being part of a Satanic - Luciferian, "Black Awakening" - morning star of evil.


Mk Ultra, Ritual Sexual Abuse (RSA), Survivors Cathy O'Brien, and Kristy Allen, tell all.  Triggers include nightmares and memories of their torture and vast, generational sexual abuse.  Inquiry Into Human Trafficking And Child Sexual Abuse - Kristy Allen (U tube - Retrieved Sept. 16, 2018).

Kristy Allen's witness accounts, include Mormon Church leaders/bishops/prophet, satanic temple rituals that included human sexual abuse and killings.   Snuff films, killing children then selling their human body parts to hospitals.  Rituals with those clothed in robes working their craft in candle lite rooms,  included rape, incest, drinking human blood.  RSA - Experimentation in military, and CIA,  mind control programs such as project Mockingbird, Bluebird, Paperclip, Mk Ultra, and the use of mind and body implants are disclosed by many such abuse victims and witnesses.  

Drugs and arms trafficking play a large part of this greedy money, profit generated - motivated sin business.  Former Marine Officer, CIA officer, Robert David Steele claims there are "seven CIA's", with most CIA officers (90%),  being very reputable.   The 10% remaining, are rooted in evil, and need to be exposed, held accountable, and "rooted out", according to Steele.

By the grace of God, may these RSA victims be filled with your loving, healing light, ushered in by the power of your  Holy Spirit. - In Jesus Name.

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