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All  content and information used and provided  by Synthia Esther Ministries  (SEM) and Sacred Pursuit websites is  protected by copyright laws, and  is owned by Synthia Esther Ministries  and/or Synthia Esther. 

This  information and/or content includes, but is  not limited to, images,  photographs, audio clips, video clips, text,  original music, articles,  stories, poems, Synthia Esther Ministries  logo, Sacred Pursuit logo.

You  may not copy, publish, modify, or otherwise  create derivative works,  translate, reverse engineer or reverse compile  or disassemble, rent,  distribute, sell, transfer, sub-license, assign  or reproduce in any way  the material on this website, software or this  license without prior  written permission from Synthia Esther Ministries.

You  may not mirror or frame any material,  images, photograph's which are  used and contained on this website. The  unauthorized use of any of the  content, material, images, photography,  video, and/or music contained  on this website may violate certain  copyright laws, trademark laws,  communication regulations and statutes,  laws, privacy and/or publicity  agreements.


The  use of the Synthia Esther Ministries/  Sacred Pursuit website is  subject to the terms of use as defined and  governed by this Copyright  Policy, which constitutes a legal binding  agreement between you and  Synthia Esther Ministries. By using this  website you hereby acknowledge  that you have read, understood and are in  agreement to be bound by the  terms of use as defined and governed by  this Copyright Policy.


Reference  to written comments, segments,  stories, quotes, photography, images,  etc. within the Synthia Esther  Ministry website cannot be used apart  from the the entirety of the work  itself, and must boldly list "Synthia  Esther" as author at beginning of text/article/and or work.

You  may link your site to Synthia Esther Ministries website in  referencing  like spiritual cause, purpose, plan, resource, help,  education and  edification message.


Synthia  Esther Ministries /  Sacred Pursuit  Ministries,  hereto referred to as  (SEM), is a non-denominational  Christian ministry committed to  excellence, integrity and  professionalism. 

Your  privacy on the Internet is important to us. Our  goal is to earn your  trust and maintain your confidence by setting forth  the highest  standards pertaining to principles of disclosure and  informed consent. 

The  following privacy policy discloses our information  gathering and  dissemination practices for the Synthia Esther Ministries  website.

  1. General Policy: Synthia Esther Ministries /  Sacred Pursuit  Ministries (SEM),  will not monitor, edit, or disclose  the contents of  the private communications of a user of the SEM / Sacred  Pursuit  websites unless required to do so as necessary to conform with  the law  or to comply with legal process served upon SEM; protect and/or  defend  the rights or property of SEM or act under exigent circumstances  to  protect the personal safety of users of the SEM website, Synthia   Esther, or the public.  
  2. Unsolicited Communication/Spam: Any form  of unsolicited  communication to people who contribute, or receive  information from SEM  is not an acceptable use of the SEM website.  
  3. Your IP Address: We may collect and use  your IP address to help  diagnose problems with our server, and to  administer the SEM website.  IP addresses are collected and used to help  identify visitors to the  SEM website and to gather broad demographic  information about our  visitors.  
  4. The SEM website may use cookies to keep  track of pages that you  visit in the SEM website and services or  products purchased. Cookies  may be used to deliver content specific to  your interests, to save your  password if needed, and for other purposes  related to providing  service to you.  
  5. Information we request directly from you:  The SEM websites use of  registration forms, order forms, surveys,  response forms, contests,  require you to give us accurate and complete  contact information (e.g.,  your name, address, email address),  occasionally, unique identifiers  (e.g., login name, password, or other  password identifiers as deemed  necessary), and demographic information  (e.g., your zip code, mailing  address, age, state or country). Our order  forms when used may also  require financial information (e.g., your  account or credit card  numbers) as well.  
  6. Contact information: Your contact  information may be used to  contact you when necessary in connection with  transactions entered into  by you on the SEM website. Your contact  information is provided to the  venues and selected promoters, staff in  reference to events,  conventions, conference, meetings for which you  registered, donated to,  purchased tickets to attend, or otherwise  subscribe. We also may use  your contact information to send you  information, news and offers from  SEM as well as promotional material  from our partners, affiliates or sponsors.  
  7. Financial information: Financial  information that is collected by  SEM is used to verify payment and to  bill you for products and  services. Unique identifiers (e.g., social  security number and/or login  name and password), may be collected from  you to verify your identity  and for use as account numbers in our record  system. SEM will not share  financial or unique identifier information  with third parties without  your prior consent. When you make a purchase  on the SEM Website your  consent is given to provide limited parts of  your financial or contact  information to those third parties as  necessary to process your  transactions with us, such as credit card  companies and companies that  handle shipping on our behalf.  
  8. Demographic information: SEM may use your  demographic information  to tailor the SEM website to the interest of  our users. This  information may be shared with advertisers only on an  aggregate basis.  Without providing your contact information or unique  identifiers, so  that advertisements can be tailored to the appropriate  audience.  
  9. Other websites/Third party vendors and  their privacy policy: The  SEM website may contain links to other  websites and services on the  Internet and World Wide Web. SEM is not  responsible for the privacy  practices, security, or the content,  material, of other websites or for  the privacy policies and practices of  third parties.  
  10. Disclosures in chat rooms and on message  boards, etc. : The SEM  website may make available user-administered chat  rooms, message  boards, forums, event calendars and/or news groups at  various times.  Please remember that any information you disclose in  these areas  becomes public information and you should exercise caution  when  deciding to disclose personal information.  
  11. Security Precautions: The SEM website has  security measures in  place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration  of the information  under our control. If made available, our secure  server software (SSL)  is the industry standard and among the best  software available today  for secure commerce transactions. It encrypts  all of your personal  information, including credit card number, name and  address, so that it  cannot be read as the information travels over the  Internet. If  otherwise noted an alternate means of donation and/or  payment such as  “PayPal” may be made available by the SEM website and  server. The  “PayPal” transaction service is considered by industry  standards to be a  safe and secure method of financial transfer on the  World Wide Web.  
  12. Updating personal information: The SEM  website may give at times,  users the opportunity to change and/or modify  information you have  provided to us. Changing or deleting your data  will change or delete  the data only in our registration database, but  will not change or  delete information which we have collected as part of  a particular  transaction in our transactions database. 


Permitted  users: License to access the Synthia  Esther Ministries - (SEM) website  is not granted to minors under age 18  except upon the consent of their  parent or legal guardian. That means  that if under 18, you need to ask  your parent or legal guardian to let  you access the SEM website before  you enter the SEM website.

Notice to Parents and Guardians of Minor children: You are solely responsible for the actions of your minor on the SEM website.

Access  of Information Through your Account: You  may permit other members of  your household or organization to access  the service provided that each  such person abides by the terms and  conditions of this Agreement. By  permitting others to use your account,  you are fully responsible for  the on line conduct of the minor, for  controlling a minor's access to  and use of the Service, and for the  consequences of any misuse. It is  your responsibility to safeguard any  personal identification number and  password required to access the  system. Your right to authorize others  to use your account is not  assignable or transferable.

Changes:  The service, provider's system, and  this agreement may change form  time to time. Provider reserves the  right, at provider's sole  discretion and without prior notice or  liability, to discontinue or  alter the service or any feature of the  service including, without  limitation, (1) Restricting the time of  availability, (2) Restricting  operating systems, (3) Restricting the  procedures for or amount of  access or use permitted, (4) Restricting or  terminating any user's  right to access and use the service, and (5)  Changing system hardware  and software. Any change is effective  immediately upon posting on the  SEM website, service, electronic mail,  or conventional mail by  continuing to use the service, you accept any  such changes. If any such  changes and/or information, content,  photographs, material made  available to you, are not acceptable to you,  you may terminate this  agreement at any time.

System Rules: As a  condition prior to accessing  and using the SEM website, you agree that  use of the service is at your  sole risk, and that use of the service is  provided on an “As Is” and  “As Available” basis. The user bears sole  responsibility to verify and  confirm the accuracy, truthfulness,  source, and safety of any and all  information provided by or through  the Synthia Esther Ministries - (SEM)  website.

Disclaimers,  Limitation of Liability: The  service is provided on an “As Is” , “As  Available” basis. Provider does  not make, and expressly disclaims, any  and all warranties, express or  implied, in regard to any information,  product, or service furnished by  it under this agreement, including  without limitation any and all  implied warranties or merchantability or  fitness for a particular  purpose. In no event shall provider be liable  for any indirect  incidental, consequential, special, or punitive  damages. The maximum  liability of provider to any user for any loss,  claim, damage, or  liability of any kind, including due to provider's  negligence, shall be  limited to the amount paid by user to provider  during the 1 month period  preceding the claim.

You  agree and any material and/or data  downloaded or obtained through the  use of the SEM website services is  done at your own discretion and risk  and that you will be solely  responsible for any damage to your  computer system, loss of data, or  other damage that results from the  download of such material and/or  data.

No advice  or information, whether oral or  written, obtained by a user of the SEM  website from Synthia Esther  Ministries (SEM) or through the service  shall create any warranty not  expressly made herein.

Privacy:  Electronic mail and other  transmissions passing through the service or  over the Internet and  through provider's system may not be secure, and  provider cannot  guarantee the security or privacy of your information  or communications,  except as set forth in the SEM privacy policy  (hereby incorporated by  reference into this agreement). Provider will  not intentionally monitor  or disclose any private electronic  communications, except to the extent  necessary to identify or resolve  system problems or as required by law.

Editorial  Control: Provider reserves the right  to monitor transmissions, other  than private electronic communications,  as necessary to provide service  and otherwise to protect the rights and  property of provider.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, provider does not  have the practical  ability to restrict conduct, communication, or  content that might  violate this agreement before transmission on the  service, nor can  provider assume any liability for any action or  inaction with respect  to such conduct, communication, or content.

Indemnification: You agree to indemnify and hold provider, its officers, directors, employees, agents, sponsors, partners,   volunteers, and/or other co-branders and affiliates harmless from and   against any claims and expenses (including, without limitation,   reasonable attorneys fees and court costs) collectively referred to as   “Claims”, arising out of or related to your breach, whether directly by   you or through a third party, of any of the terms and conditions of  use  set forth in this Agreement. The forgoing indemnification shall  survive  any termination of Synthia Esther Ministries services provided  to you. 


Synthia esther Ministries Disclaimer

Christian Research Journalist, Synthia Esther, examines, exposes, and reveals, sex industry crimes.


Actions based on God's truth and love are blessed (Matt. 5:8; Prov. 11:3; 21:3).

All   content within the Synthia Esther Ministry (SEM) and Sacred Pursuit   websites, all other material published and available, is provided for   general information only, and should not be treated as a substitute for   the medical advice from your doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, or  any  other health care professional. 

We  are not responsible or liable for  any diagnosis made by a user based  on the content of this ministry, nor  any other information, website,  person's, methods, or opinions linked or  referenced. 

We  are not liable for the contents of any  external Internet sites listed,  nor do we endorse any person,   commercial product or service  mentioned, advised, or acknowledged.  This  also pertains to  other web  sites, books, documents, essays, articles,  opinions or products. 

Always consult your doctor if you are in any way  concerned about your physical or mental health and well being.

Synthia  Esther Ministries and/or staff,  either volunteer or otherwise, are not  responsible for inaccuracies,  falsehoods, or any other types of  misinformation in articles, or by word  of mouth.  We do not endorse or  promote the services, advice or  products by, from and/or mentioned by  any authors, writers or columnists  we may cite or reference.  

We  are not responsible for any misleading,  false, offensive, or otherwise  injurious information and advice  communicated in any and all articles,  columns, stories, other writings,  and/or distributed materials, CD,  DVD, videotape, televised, or  otherwise.

Synthia  Esther Ministries, nor Synthia Esther,  does not promote the  views,  opinions or advice given by those who are mentioned, cited, or   referred. Nor are we responsible for any and all articles, columns,   writings, CD'S, DVD'S, videotapes, television shows, reports, or any   other method of use in conveying our message and  public opinion, that   offend or upset users and viewers.  

We  are not held responsible for any or all  outcomes and results of  in-person meetings, conferences, writers,  authors, columnists, experts,  and others who may work or write for this  ministry.  

Synthia  Esther Ministries does not guarantee  the accuracy of the content  (although we make every effort to be  accurate in our representations),  generated by its writers, users,  volunteers or staff members. 

Therefore,  users and viewers should handle  the content with much caution.  Users,  viewers, should consider any  information and advice, including  medical, financial, child safety and  product advice, as a starting  point or catalyst for their own research.   

We  cannot guarantee the accuracy, efficacy, or veracity of any   information provided in any way or manner by this ministry, staff, or   volunteers. 

While  we at Synthia Esther Ministries seek to  enlighten, educate and inform  the world of spiritual (including the  occult - metaphysical),  and  physical needs, harm and effects  detrimental to humanity, animals, and  the earth on which we live, we  cannot be held responsible for others  personal effort, opinion, motives,  and outcome's. 

 Therefore,  users, viewers who adhere, follow, or heed  any and all advice read,  viewed, received in articles, and/or materials  published by this  ministry, are responsible for the outcome and results   following this  advice and information. 


The  Synthia Esther Ministries – (SEM) website  contains both religious,  occult, and secular and sensitive subject  matter.  If you are  struggling with depression, demonic obsession,   mental illness ,stress  and/or confusion, please be aware some content  and pictures may trigger  your stress level, or you may respond with an  emotional, mental and/  or physical reaction. 

By using the SEM website  and its services you do so at your own risk and responsibility.


Parental  discretion is  advised.  

Minors under the age of 16 are not permitted  to use the  Synthia Esther Ministries website- services without the  permission of a  parent or legal guardian.

Children are a heritage of the Lord and should be protected (Psalm 127:3).  Woe to those who harm God's children (Mark 9:24).

Synthia Esther Ministries - Reaching the World for Jesus Christ since 2007!

Jesus Christ Loves You! - John 3:16-17.

Jesus Christ Loves You! - John 3:16-17.