Rep. Eric Massa Resigns After Groping Claims.

Former Rep. Eric Massa Resigns After Groping Staffer...



By Synthia Esther

Tuesday March 9, 2010


Andrew Miga, Associated Press Writer

The Washington Post

Citing anonymous sources, The  Washington Post reported former Rep. Eric Massa, who resigned from  Congress after sexual harassment allegations, admitted he groped a  staffer, but described his actions as "tickling."   

Massa also admitted  on conservative Fox News - Glen Beck's show, "It doesn't make any  difference what my intentions were, it's how it's perceived by the  individual who receives that action.  I'm telling you I was wrong.  I  was wrong...My behavior was wrong.  I should have never allowed myself  to be as familiar with my staff as I was."  When asked directly on Glen  Beck's show whether he sexually groped anyone, Massa replied: "No, no,  no."   


  • Groping is defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary as "to feel one's way."   
  • While tickling being defined as, "to touch (as a body  part) lightly so as to excite the surface nerves and cause uneasiness,  laughter, or spasmodic movements."   

So who cares what Massa decides  to call his actions... it is like former president Clinton stating, "I  did not have sex with this woman." 

 Massa did recall "Tickling a Staffer"  at a birthday party, and that his actions may have been  misinterpreted.  "If somebody on my staff was offended. uncomfiterable,  thought I was inappropriate, I own that.  It's why I resigned," Massa  said.  "I wasn't forced out," he said.  "I forced myself out."  Massa,  50, is married, and a former 24 - year Navy commander.  He was diagnosed  with non-Hodgkin's lymphomia in 1996.  

Massa stated concerning his  actions, that he did not live up to his own personal code of conduct.   Yet did not call his "tickling a staffer" sexual conduct.  Nor was Bill  Clinton forced out of the White House.   Power does not equal justice  now does it?   

Touching, groping, tickling, an employee's  body, is a form of sexual harassment.   Plain and simple

Touching, groping, tickling, an employee's  body, is a form of sexual harassment.   Plain and simple