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Many men target women via dating sights, desiring to pay for regular sex - girl friend experience


Prostitution And The Girlfriend Experience

By Synthia Esther

Updated: Sept. 12, 2018

Prostitution is defined as selling  sex for money, or compensation.  In the United States a prostitute's  clients are most often called "Johns," and in Canada, "Clients." In the  UK - "Clients or Punters," and in Sweden they are termed, "Torskar,"  which means cod or loser.  Those who drive around red-light  districts looking for prostitutes are sometimes referred to as "Kerb  Crawlers."  

Many women within the sex industry use to prefer the name  "Courtesans," referring to high caliber prostitutes selling sex, but it  is only within the 21st century that sex industry workers are being  openly reviewed and rated.  There are now online websites that review  the "performance" factor of prostitute's, also called escorts or call  girls, for hire.  Some prostitutes now claim these reviews are a very  important part of their business, with review results that can either  make you or break you within the industry.  

These modern day sex for hire  prostitutes offer up a real to life "Girlfriend," (GFE) experience,  providing the fantasy relationship of a man's dreams, without the  hassel.  What I find so amusing is the false reality mindset of the  Johns (prostitutes like to call them clients), that stablizes their  ultra sensitive and fragile egos, while providing both physical and  temporary "emotional and intimate" fulfillment.  

The Johns like to  pretend they are the boyfriend, to an attractive prostitute.  According  to the prostitutes I have personally interviewed, none of their Johns  would ever be someone they would date in real life as they claim they  are not attractive,socially inept, abusive, and usually much older.

One such popular prostitution  review site boasted of an accountant who is a top reviewer with over 200  reviews of what is termed the "hobby."  He states, "Because I know I  cannot be faithful to one woman, marriage has never entered my mind.   There is an emotional aspect to the "hobby" and especially the GFE.  We  want intimacy even though it may not be real."


It seems many men are looking for a  girlfriend without the hassle and coping problems of a true  life relationship, which  was termed the "unpleasantness of reality," by Jennifer the prostitute (  

It's  also reported by Jennifer the prostitute, that men want the intense,  wild and spontaneous experience they thought romance was all about when  they were growing up.  Which according to Jennifer, "real life  relationships usually kill off."  

In many respects Jennifer is right,  as life problems, situations and issues can often weigh a relationship  down, with sexual fantasy remaining at the bottom of the priority  list. What men seem to desire with sex made to order, is to feel  admired, adored and appreciated, and they are willing to pay top dollar  for a prostitute to reaffirm their lack, in more ways than one. 


But what about those monogamous  couples who do make it?  Who, like my parents, have been married for  well over 50 years?  According to them, and many others, the problems  faced as a couple have only strengthened their resolve and love to grow  into a stronger, more intimate bonding experience.  Their relationship  is much more than sex, and nothing money can buy.  


 CNBC, November 27, 2008, "Dirty Money,"  is all about the business of high end prostitution.  Lucrative,  Provocative, and completely Illegal, prostitution glamorized to the 9th  degree, is far from reality.  As I have personally interviewed many  prostitutes, who have readily admitted. 

( - Library Subtab, "Pornography, Prostitution And Crime," "A Prostitute's Story," and "I Paid For Sex With A Prostitute.")    

The "Dirty Money" televised report on  the age old profession of selling sex, in which the girlfriend  experience was addressed.  "The most popular item offered by escorts  today is called the Girlfriend experience, known by the acronym, the  GFE.  The definition varies but most agree that it involes some  facsimile of real romance."   "Escorts advertising on the Internet  has exploded in recent years.  One study in San Francisco found that the  number of ads doubled from 2,500 ads in 2000 to 5,000 in 2005."   "Charging fees as high as $25,000 for a  two-day engagement, a successful high end escort working full time can  make an annual income of more than a half million dollars.  High end  clients can spend more than $100,000 a year in escort fees."   

"An informal survey conducted by an  Internet site for men who hire escorts found that 49 percent are  married, 40 percent have an income of more than $100,000 and 38 percent  hold a graduate degree."     


 As long as corrupt men like Eliot  Spitzer, former President Bill Clinton, and promiscuous President Donald Trump,  remain in leadership... and women like their  wives, Slida Spitzer, Hilary Clinton, Malania Trummp,  turn and look the other way in  public silence, women will remain used and abused by those in power.    He said he was sorry...  is a common response by women who make a choice to smile and look the other way. 

I agree with Kaul Kraus, Austrian  journalist, critic, playwright and poet (1874-1936), "Corruption is  worse than prostitution.  The latter might endanger the morals of an  individual, the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire  country."            

Female Prostitutes selling "The Girl Friend Experience", to men who can't attract pretty women...

Female Prostitutes selling "The Girl Friend Experience", to men who can't attract pretty women...


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Sept. 12, 2018

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By Synthia Esther

Your life is consumed with meeting the needs of those  who are close to you.  You enable, ignore or refuse to let go of an  abusive, addict prone partner.  

You often feel you are the glue that holds the family  or relationship intact.  Without you there would not be a family or  relationship.  You suffer from dysfunctional, obsessive compulsive,  maladaptive behaviors, as you seek to habitually save and rescue those  you love.  

You live in a constant cycle of control.  You are most often depressed, sad, drained and frustrated  with your inability to change people, situations, and/or circumstances.   You fear being alone, in turn making your partner dependent and indebted  to your heroic deeds, and savior mentality.  

You give to get...because without your sacrificial  giving, you feel unworthy of love.  Therefore any injustice you may  incur from other's is always justified.   

You suffer from low self-esteem.  Yet you are  entrenched and impervious, to your own self destructive coping  mechanisms.  You prefer to remain in denial, living in a dream land of  tunnel vision, never admitting your chaotic symptomatology is part of the  problem.

* People don't deceive you...your heart does.

* "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life." -  Proverbs 4:23