Pimps, Prostitutes, & The Dark World Of Human Trafficking

Pimps, Prostitutes, Human Trafficking, Common Verbal Constructs And Contracts: Ownership Agreements

By Synthia Esther

Sept. 13, 2018

Dominance and submission sums up best, the murky, dark, and dangerous world of the sex trade business.  How many innocent women, teens, and young children, male and female alike,  end up in the slave sex business, is a sad plot to discover.  The facts speak for themselves, in that many times it is desperate parents selling sex with their own children, that make up in part, many such criminal acts.  In plain sight, in average American, well manicured subdivisions, one would never image that one of their neighbors is a pimp selling sex with young girls (11 Alive news - Atlanta, retrieved Sept. 13, 2018).  

Hotels and motels are also used in the don't ask, don't tell, sex selling  scheme business.  I remember staying for an extended period of time, at a  very lovely, Hilton Garden Inn, in Atlanta, Ga. .  Only to be repeatedly awakened almost on the hour, by a knock on the room across from mine, and  several different male voices stating, "Maintenance".  I knew well, the entire staff at this Hotel Hilton, and  their voices.  I also knew, the very respectable manager  and talked to him about the sex trade business going on at this Hilton location.  He responded in grief, that it is a common problem that both he and police continue to strive to  eliminate.  

The fact remains, this sleazy sex selling business doesn't just happen in a run down, sleazy side of town.  Nice homes, nice hotels, are also used by those seeking a more upscale, top dollar, price for sex.   I knew and counseled one Atlanta area house wife, pimped by her husband, who sold her body for sex, on a weekly basis.  She did so, just to help pay the bills.  She has since divorced her husband, remarried a born again Christian, never having returned to the sex selling business again!


While the many men knocking on the Hilton Hotel door, proclaiming due "maintenance", to the sex selling woman in business,  seems somewhat laughable.  There is nothing funny about such verbal constructs, and contracts, relating to these horrific crimes.  The book, "Renting Lacy - A Story of America's Prostituted Children" by Linda Smith, relates common terms used in the sex industry - selling business.  

Automatic, refers to the sex slaves actions when her pimp is out of town, in jail, or not in otherwise in  direct contact.  This term, being sexually self evident, in that the prostitute is to automatically render up all cash flow back to her pimp.  She is automatically, always remaining in the business mode of selling her body, to well support her slave driving pimp.

Bottom:  A bottom is like a right hand manager to the pimp.  She books hotels, runs ads, collects money, instructs, and/or inflicts punishment, as needed.

Branding: A tattoo or carving on a victim that confirms ownership by a pimp, trafficker, or gang.

Daddy:  A term used by the pimp, who requires the victim to use in relationship to him.  

Date: This simple term is said to be used when the victim is working selling sex.  She is on a "date." 

John: An individual  who buys/pays/ or trades something of value,  for sex.

These are but a few of the common terms used by those in the sex sell, trafficking business.  Smith's "Renting Lacy" book cites many more.  Some terms are more vulgar, others more threatening.  Once trafficked, or owned by a pimp, or gang, it is very difficult to get out of the business due to fear of retaliation, harm, and even death.


Dating sites are prime hunting ground, for many Pimps seeking new victims.  The fact Pimps most oftentimes, seek innocent victims, is a given.  Their methods usually begin with a bait and switch approach by love bombing their victim targets,  One such method, is used on women in jail, who are courted by men on the outside.  The men (Pimps) make promises, and upon the jailed release of these women victims, provide for them.  The end result is Pimp ownership,  who sell their bodies to the many "Johns" who are willing to buy for "maintenance"  of their sexual lusts and deviant desires.


522 Johns and 30 pimps were arrested in a sex trafficking Superbowl sting as reported by Channel 4, WCMH, NBC Columbus.

The fact sex buying - trafficking crimes go up during Superbowl season is a well known problem.  The real problem stems from society itself, and acceptance of barbaric alpha males and their demonic need for "maintenance" of their sexual lusts to be fulfilled by victimized young women and children.  

Men feed and fuel this sex selling, trafficking business based upon demand.  As long as men are ruled by their penis, instead of a heart of love filled with  compassion.  Society at large, can become victims of prey.  Children, young teems go missing every day, in all parts of the World.  Many are taken, kidnapped by Pimps.   The International Labour organization estimates that there are 40.3 million victims of human trafficking globally (The Facts: polarisproject.org - Retrieved, Sept. 13, 2018).

Being aware that such sex slave - trafficking crimes exists, is a step taken in the right direction. Being vigilant by  watching, looking,  listening,  and reporting any and all suspicious activity, is a keen, just resolve.  A  must in  helping to expose the underground nature of these sex-slave domination and torture crime rings.  

I have met and counseled sexual abuse victims personally, and know their sad plights are indeed very real.  However many people in the world in which we live, do not know the horrors of such sadistic crimes. Awareness is key.  Reading sexual abuse victims personal account stories helps one better understand such crimes.  and sheds light on safe guarding one's own children.   Lara McDonnell's book, "Girl for Sale: the Shocking True Story From the Girl Trafficked and Abused by Oxford's Evil Sex Ring."  Anna Ruston's book, "Secret Slave; Kidnapped and Abused for 13 Years.  This is my Story of Survival."  And Barbara Amaya's Book: "Nobody's Girl - A Memoir of Lost Innocence, Modern Day Slavery & Transformation", are a few books many others have gleamed educated help and knowledge from.



Employers bringing in human laborers to do a job, who then take away the employees voice and personal freedom.  Is yet another  sad human trafficking crime.  Those who turn a deaf ear and blind eye to any and all human trafficking crimes.  Need to wake-up to the realization, that their silence plays a  large part in the flourishing and cover up, of any and all such networks and thriving criminal markets world wide.

Pimp controlled prostitution is recognized as a brutal & passive form of human trafficking in USA.

Pimp controlled prostitution is recognized as a brutal & passive form of human trafficking in USA.